SMT solder pastes

2-4 Sn63/37(Sn62-Ag2) solder pastes

2-4-1 Products Characteristics:

1) Specially designed to ensure flux with high reliability and good wettability.

2) Little residue after reflowing, low corrosion and good electrical insulatibity.

3) Flux can effectively prevent collapse when printing and pre-heating.

4) The diameter of tin powder is accurately controlled between 25μm to 45μm, and the flux is specifically made to insure continuously printing and fine pattern.

5) Meet the American standard of ANSI/J-STD-004 flux (ROLO).

6) The viscosity of the paste can maintain for up to 48 hours. More than 8 hours of valid working life.

7) The residue is clear and has no influence on test.

8) Non-clean or easy to clean.

2-4-2 Designation, Melting Point and Alloy Compositions

Designation Melting Point (℃) Alloy Compositions
ZY-SN-63(2-4) 183 S-Sn63Pb37
ZY-SN-62(2-5) 179-180 S-Sn62Pb36Ag2

2-4-3 Properties Flux Chemical Composition

Materials Contents(%)
Resin 40
Thixotropic agent 10
Acid 4
Solvent 39
Corrosion inhibitor 3
Viscosity additive 2
Active polymer 2

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