Flux Series Products

6-2-1 MB401 Flux

Products Characteristics

  1. This product is clear, transparent and no-rosin
  2. Halogen-free, low content of residue and low corrosivity
  3. Solder joints is full and bright
  4. Higher surface insulation resistance
  5. Almost no residue
  6. No effect on the electrical properties of the socket surface
  7. The nozzle is never jammed

Products Directions

The products are non-clean type flux, and does not containt any halogen or rosin. Further more, the fulx also meets the requirements of the U.S. military standard, MIL-F-14256D. This product is suitable for both wave soldering and hand soldering with lead-free solders.

NO. Specification Item Specs
01 Flux Model MB401
02 Flux Categopy RMA
03 Chemical Classification Organnic Acid
04 Joints Color Brighten
05 Solid Content 2.2±0.5wt/%
06 Physical State Liquid
07 Color of liquit Color
08 Specific Gravity(20℃) 0.798±0.01℃
09 Boiling point(℃) 83.0±2.0℃
10 Tly of Solvent 400 ppm
11 Acid value 24.0±5.0mg(KOH)/g
12 Spread ratio ≥80%
13 Halide Content No
14 Insulation Resistance ≥4.4×1011Ω
15 Corrosion Test Pass
16 Applications Foam Spray
17 Pre-Coating Prohibited
18 Thinner Used ZY-900

MB401 Compositions

Ingredients Contents Threshold Limit Value(TLV) Remark
Moldfied resin w/w 0%  
Flux vehicle 0.5%  
Activator 1.7%  
Acid Absorbent 0.2%  
Anti-Oxide Agent 0.1%  
Corrosion Inhibitor 0.1%  
Mix Alcohol 97.4% 400ppm  

MB401 Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Appearance Liquid Odour Aromatic
Specic Gavotte(20℃) 0.798±0.010 Melting Point(℃) --90
Boilng Point(℃) 83.0±2.0 Vapor Densitv(Air=1) 2.0
Vapor Pressure(mmHg) 32 Evaporation Rate(Ether=1) 16--20

MB401 Reactivity Dat

Stabiltty Stable 
Conditions To Avoid Keep In Cool Dry Place Avoid Direct Sunlight And Extensive Heat
Incompatbility(Materials To Avoid) Acid Or Alkaline Solutions, Water, Grease, Inorganic Materials
Hazardous Decomposition Products Oxidant
Hazardous Polymerization Will Not Occur

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